Different ways to wear scarves

With the same look and different scarves we can get very different results. We show you how to wear 3 basic scarves: rectangular, necks and Palestinians.

Scarf rectangular scarf. The classic way of putting it on is to fold the handkerchief in the middle, m put the hand through the center, pass the handkerchief behind the neck and insert the two ends in the front of the scarf in the hand-made scarf. You can make a kind of braid with the handkerchief by inserting only one end in the scarf hole and the other end out there.

The necks are closed scarves with a hole in the center. Just poke your head or make a double turn. You can choose plain necks, with fringes ... If the handkerchief is long you can double around the neck and even cover the head with the fabric behind.

Palestinian scarf. The way to put it is to take it from the outside making a triangle, place it on the chest and remove the punts for back.

Video: 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in Minutes! (February 2020).

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