How to sweep and comb artificial grass

The rising popularity of artificial turf is due, among other things, to its natural finishes, easy maintenance, durability and attractiveness, so it is not surprising that this solution is an increasingly interesting proposal for those who have medium and small gardens, attics, patios and terraces.

All in all, it is necessary to know how the artificial grass maintenance, a very simple technique that consists of sweeping and combing with the help of a sweeper who will handle remove footsteps or footprints which leaves the use and movement of furniture on artificial grass, among other things.

In this case, we have used the Garland Comber 141 E Combine Sweeper, exclusively for Leroy Merlin customers. It is one of the most innovative sweepers on the market and the only one designed for artificial turf extensions no more than 30 square meters: urban gardens, entrances, patios, terraces, edges of swimming pools, penthouses ...

In short, medium and small outdoor spaces that require very special care.

How to sweep and comb artificial grass step by step

Step 1
Start by stretching the mast and placing the two sections in line. Insert the female end of one of the sections into the tube of the other. Press well until the section is fully engaged and the mast is straight.

Step 2
Insert the fixing pin and secure it. To disassemble the sweeper, you just have to repeat these steps in reverse ... And save it! Once the mast is assembled, the sweeper is almost ready to work. Before, you will have to adjust the handle of the mast so that the task is much more comfortable, ergonomic and pleasant.

Step 3
The handle is folded up: our intention is to lift it and place it at the most comfortable angle, to work in a personalized way. We will do it by loosening the key on the side. To adjust the handle, simply lift it and turn it until you reach the desired angle. It remains only to turn the key to tighten the shaft and leave the handle in a fixed and stable position.

Step 4
Get a strong extension and for outdoor use. Connect it to the nearest electrical outlet and fold the end into a loop. After inserting the loop through the hole in the bottom of the handle, hook it into the projection. In this way, we will prevent the sweeper wire from unnecessary pulling or becoming entangled.

Step 5
To start combing your artificial grass, place yourself on the side of the terrace or garden. Take the handle with one hand and the handle with the other, as in this image. Press the button on the handle: you will notice how the roller starts to spin and how the sweeper gently pulls forward.

Step 6
Your task, in this case, is to "force" the machine to go backwards. If you do, the rotating movement of the spikes will lift the blades of artificial grass and push the debris (leaves, papers, sticks ...) back, taking them with you. Work in regular areas, overlapping the passes to also comb the center of each strip.

Step 7
As you go past the Comber 141 E Sweeper, your lawn will be impeccable: in a short time, you will leave the garden or terrace as new. The sweeper not only cleans and drags debris, but removes furniture marks, trampled areas, footprints ...

Step 8
In this photo you can see how the roller of the Sweeper Comber 141 E drags all the elements that dirty the grass. Forget about using garden rakes: they take up a lot of space and do not clean thoroughly. The sweeper does it in much less time, and with great results.

Step 9
To finish the task, collect the remains with a hand brush or a wicker broom and a dustpan. Look at your artificial grass: it's been a while since I was so pretty ...

Video: AGM 141EUK Artificial Grass Electric Power Brush Sweeper (February 2020).

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