Bathtub seat

What do we need when taking a relaxing bath? A bathtub, hot water, foam, rubber dolls, the phone, a juice… And where to support all this? Well in the tray or bathtub seat We are going to teach you how to build. We will do it with pine slats and special unions, in addition to giving it a special treatment against moisture.

We are going to do the work basically with pine wood slats. We have opted for pine because it is economical and light in color, although you can also opt for hardwoods, such as oak, or dark color, such as sapelly. We will verify that the pieces of wood that we are going to use are not warped, that they have few knots and to cut them we will use the circular saw with which we can make straight and fast cuts in the wood.

  • Tools
  • circular saw
  • Belt sander
  • Silicone applicator gun
  • Pallet
  • Bucket
  • materials
  • Masking tape
  • 35 x 20 mm pine slat
  • Mounting adhesive
  • Polyurethane sealant
  • Colorless polyurethane varnish
  • Self-adhesive rubber non-slip

Step by step to create a seat or tray for the bathtub

Step 1
We will begin cutting the pieces of pinewood. Will be six equal pieces that we will need to make the seat. When cutting, we will consider the width of the bathtub. We will also cut two pieces that will make crossbars. We adjust the depth of cut of the tool, which will be a few millimeters higher than the piece that we are going to cut so that the medra does not splinter. We will use the square as a guide to make the cuts straight.

Step 2
We already have all the pieces cut, so let's start joining them. We apply an adhesive cord in five of the six pieces that will configure the seat.

Step 3
We join all the pieces, we square them and place jaws until the mounting adhesive has hardened.

Step 4
Now we are going to reinforce the joints between piece and piece, between slat and lath of the seat. We will make a small milling and on that channel we will then put a polyurethane thread with which we will prevent the water from penetrating. With the circular saw, we will make the channels only on the upper face of the seat.

Step 5
With belt sander and a coarse-grained sandpaper we round the edges of the shorter sides of the seat. We will finish the work with a fine grain sandpaper, which we will also pass on both sides to the entire piece. After sanding, we will remove the dust that has been produced.

Step 6
We protect the songs rounded seat with bodybuilder tape. We will also put some strips of tape on both sides of each channel, just on the edge, so as not to stain the polyurethane wood.

Step 7
We apply in the channels of the upper face of the seat a polyurethane sealant, an adhesive and elastic product that compensates for expansion. We will use it as a sealing gasket so that water is not filtered, and also for a decorative purpose.

Step 8
Once applied, we extend it With a narrow spatula. Then we will remove all strips of bodybuilder tape.

Step 9
10 centimeters from the edges and from the bottom, we place the two crossbars that will serve as a stop when we place the seat in the bathtub. To perform this task we will use mounting adhesive.

Step 10
The next step will consist of apply a colorless polyurethane varnish, very resistant to moisture. We will give three hands varnish, respecting the drying times between them, to achieve greater protection. When the varnish has dried we will put some sponge rubber bands on the base of the seat so that it does not move in the bathtub.

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