Create sunbed with wheels

To sunbathe on our terrace or garden, a sunbed is a very comfortable furniture that is very useful. In this report we are going to teach you create a sunbed with wheels.

A very practical idea, since the wheels will allow us to easily transport the sunbed from one place to another.

  • Tools
  • keyhole saw
  • Wood sheet
  • Driver drill
  • Sander
  • Pallet
  • 25 mm blade drill
  • 10 mm wood drill
  • Drill foot
  • 8 mm wood drill
  • Drill stop
  • materials
  • Pine wood slat 115 x 20 mm
  • Pine wood slat 60 x 20 mm
  • 25 mm round pine wood ribbon
  • 2 wheels
  • 2 M10 screws
  • 6 M10 nuts
  • 8 washers
  • Mounting adhesive
  • Varnish
  • 8 mm tubers
  • 2 hinges
  • 3.5 x 25 mm screws

Step by step to create sunbed with wheels

Step 1
First, we mark and cut the four pieces with which we will build the rectangular base of the sunbed. Then we repeat the same operation with the backup.

Step 2
We hold the pieces with a square and we make some holes using the drill-screwdriver provided with a wood drill and a drill stop.

Step 3
We apply some mounting adhesive, both on the edges and inside the holes, and introduce the tubers with a wooden mace. We make the base of the backrest in the same way that we have built the base of the sunbed.

Step 4
Then, with the jigsaw, we cut the slats with which we will cover the base and the backrest of the sunbed.

Step 5
We set the slats, both on the base and on the backrest, with mounting adhesive and tubers, as we have done before. To maintain the same separation between slats, we will help ourselves with some tacos.

Step 6
When we have finished place all slats, we proceed to place the hind legs of the sunbed. To do this, we take a rectangular piece of wood, cut an angle and draw a square.

Step 7
In the square, we mark a diagonal line and on it, we make three holes: one at each end and one in the center of the line. To attach the legs to the base of the deck chair, we make the corresponding holes in the base, apply some mounting adhesive and introduce the tubers.

Step 8
Then, we proceed with the front legs. These should maintain an inclination. For reinforce the structure of these legs, we make a hole in each of them where we will introduce a crossbar.

Step 9
For join the legs to the base, we make the corresponding holes, both in the base piece and in the two legs. To do this, we will use a blade drill that should have the same diameter as the round wooden strip that we are going to introduce.

Step 10
We apply a little assembly adhesive and we introduce a round wooden slat of pine that will be the axis of the legs. This piece will help us to rotate both legs.

Step 11
When we have finished place the legs, we prepare two support pieces to fix the backrest at the base of the sunbed. To do this, we join two pieces of wood with jaws and we drill the holes.

Step 12
In this way, we will have achieved a jagged base where we will place a round wooden slat which will allow us to position the backrest the way we want.

Step 13
Now, we fix the pieces on the sides of the sunbed. We apply some mounting adhesive and introduce the tubers with the wooden mallet.

Step 14
For fasten the backrest to the base of the sunbed, we will use hinges, therefore, we will have to make some boxes to house them. With a formon and a wooden mace we make the recesses.

Step 15
Then, we sand the entire structure of the furniture for later, varnish it.

Step 16
With a pallet we apply the varnish in the direction of the grain and let it dry.

Step 17
When it has dried, we place the backrest at the base of the sunbed With the hinges.

Step 18
To finish our hammock, we will proceed to place the wheels. To do this, we make a hole in the leg and introduce an anti-blocking nut so that it does not come loose. To fix it better, we will use two keys: one will keep it fixed and with the other we will go around

Step 19
In this simple way, we will have achieved create a sunbed with wheels, comfortable and practical, to enjoy the good weather.

Video: Sun Lounger - DIY (February 2020).

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