Solar shower

A solar shower, is a solution Economical and low energy consumption, to get hot water in our garden shower. And it is that on the hot days we spend in the summer, it is very gratifying to be able to take a outdoor shower quietly. For that reason, we propose to build this shower. In addition, thanks to the mixer that we are going to incorporate, we can regulate the water temperature to our liking.

To build the solar shower, we will convert a PVC pipe in a tank, placing covers of the same material at both ends. Next, we make the water inlet and outlet holes, and paint the duct black, to attract the sun's rays and thus heat the water. We make the post with some pieces of treated pine and attach the plastic tube to the column with a metal tape. After making the plumbing connections, we set the shower in the chosen place using a galvanized iron pickaxe.

  • Tools
  • Hot air stripper
  • Orbital Sander
  • Driver drill
  • 28 mm blade drill
  • keyhole saw
  • Curved wood cutting blade
  • Pallet
  • materials
  • 40 mm PVC pipe
  • 40 mm PVC caps
  • Graft for PVC pipe 110-40 mm
  • Male dishwasher outlet
  • 19 mm hose
  • Shower mixer
  • Joining parts
  • Stainless bar set
  • Clamps
  • Tables of treated pine 145 X 28 mm
  • 4 x 60 mm screws
  • PVC adhesive
  • 90 x 90 mm metal pick
  • Metal tape
  • Mounting adhesive
  • Spray enamel
  • Lasur Fund
  • South

Step by step to do solar shower

Step 1
First, we present the clamps on the PVC pipe, mark the entry and exit points of the water, and we make the holes with the drill provided with a blade drill.

Step 2
We apply a special adhesive for this type of materials on the inside of the clamps and we set them in position.

Step 3
Then, we put a piece of union in each hole We have made and screwed a few sockets for male dishwasher.

Step 4
The next thing we will do is apply heat at one end of the tube, so that the PVC softens and we can widen it. To perform this work, we will have to keep the hot air stripper about 15-20 cm away from the piece, to prevent the plastic from burning.

Step 5
When the PVC is soft enough, we widen it with the help of the handle of a hammer or hammer, and we introduce the lid. We do the same at the other end of the tube.

Step 6
Now, let's cover the entire plastic surface with a black enamel. This color absorbs the sun's rays and consequently, the water inside this reservoir will get hot. To do this task with greater comfort, we have opted for a spray enamel.

Step 7
While the product dries, we drill both fixing holes and water inlet and outlet, in the pieces of wood that will form the post. We will place a martyr under the pieces, to avoid damaging the table.

Step 8
Then, we join the pieces together With some screws. To insert the latter, we will use the screwdriver with a suitable tip.

Step 9
Once we have sanded the post, we remove the dust that has occurred and we give a protective product of wood, with the help of a pallet. To work more cleanly, we cover the table with protective paper and put on latex gloves.

Step 10
The next step consists of derive the cold water connection in two outlets: one for the water cold and another for the hot, and we will connect both hoses to the mixer that we will have previously installed in the wooden column.

Step 11
Now we can tie the plastic tank to the post, by means of some metallic tapes that we will fix them with some screws.

Step 12
To place the shower at the point of the garden we have chosen, we will need a galvanized iron pickaxe. Using a wooden block as a martyr, we hammered the metal piece into the ground with a club.

Step 13
We apply a special mounting adhesive for exteriors in the base and we put the shower in position.

Step 14
To finish the job we connect the shower to the water outlet and check that the installation works correctly.

Step 15
In this easy and fast way, we have built and installed a solar shower in the garden, with which we will obtain hot water in an ecological and very economical way. Now, enjoy!

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