Make a tangle game

Surely everyone has ever played the famous Twister, a fun game that tests the skill and flexibility of the participants. As you know, the original game consists of a roulette that chooses the type of movement to be made and a canvas with colored circles, which are the squares that must be touched.

We, in this briconsejo, are going to prepare the game using as a base a piece of artificial grass, with which we can play both inside and outside the house.

Step by step to make a tangle game

Step 1
The first thing we will have to do is create template to get circles of the same diameter. We make the drawing in a cardboard box.

Step 2
Then we emptied it, with the help of scissors.

Step 3
Next, we make some reference marks on a ribbon, to maintain the same distance between the circles and proceed to paint.

Step 4
We place the template on the grass, shake the product well and give color inside the hole, to fully cover the surface.

Step 5
With the help of the ribbon, we move the cardboard box and continue painting the circles.

Step 6
We are going to use synthetic spray enamels, of the tones used in the original set: red, blue, yellow and green. But, obviously, you can use the colors you like best.

Step 7
When the product has dried, we can play with our friends and have a great time. With this fun game Laughter is assured.

Video: Tangle Classic & Metallic Fidget Toy - Twist, Shape, Fidget (February 2020).

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