Make a bench with spring upholstery

When decorating our home, we can choose to make the furniture. Especially if they are furniture to enjoy outside or to enjoy the good weather.

Therefore, in this Decogarden program we will give you an idea to make a bench with a spring upholstery That will be perfect for the summer season. In addition, if we combine it with a dining table of the same style and ceiling lamps, the set will be ideal.

  • Tools
  • Driver drill
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • materials
  • Table legs
  • Adhesive
  • DM part
  • Gomespuma piece
  • Cloth
  • Screws

Step by step to make a bench with spring upholstery

Step 1
The first thing we will do is set the DM piece with gomespuma piece. In this case they are the same size. If they were not like that we would have to cut some of the pieces. To fix them, we will use spray adhesives.

Step 2
To upholster the piece we have chosen a floral print to give that spring touch to the bank. We will turn the fabric and place the pieces that we have joined upside down (the DM piece on the top). Then, we slowly cover the piece with a stapler.

Step 3
Finally, we will place the 4 legs to the bank. In this case, the legs that we are going to use will be the same as those of the table that we will also make. Thus, the set will combine perfectly. Simply insert the screws into the DM part.

You have seen that the work to make a bank is very simple. Depending on the style we want we can use another upholstery and other fabrics. And so make the bank that best suits the decoration of our home.

Video: Upholstery Basics: Step by Step Installing Zig Zag Springs (February 2020).

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