Nordic style children's playground

On previous occasions we have talked about the Nordic style in the decoration and how, for more than fifty years, they have combined the practical with the beautiful and the subtle concepts to which, even in the case of a children's stay, we should not give up.

In the end, enjoying Scandinavian elegance is possible within a children's play area in which the warm textures of carpets and cushions intermingle with the light colors of the walls and wood.

To illustrate this concept we propose a room with white walls and in which the color palette will come from the hand of textiles and decorative accessories.

Thus, for example, we will combine the blue-gray and pennant lands with the black-colored striped cushions. In addition, the light wooden teepee next to the cardboard objects, which we can take advantage of to do with our little ones, will give the natural elements so present in the Scandinavian decoration.

The fact that on the ground instead of a carpet, place a Nordic quilt It will make the room a place of exquisite softness and warmth, and not only for the texture of soft and fluffy materials, but also for a selection of bright colors.

The teepee, which always gives a feeling of intimacy, will allow children to have a reading corner that we will complete with cushions of different textures: corduroy fabrics, wool, velvety, etc ...

On the wall We have chosen to place a slate, in this case adhesive, but we can also paint it ourselves with a respect paint for such use. In addition, cartons have been reused to create a frame for the drawings of the small and different decorative elements such as a cactus or a guitar, some pom poms have been made with paper and a garland has been made with fabric.

As you see, enjoy the elegance and Nordic warmth in a children's playroom is possible. Here are a few images with details of this room. Nothing to give up the beautiful and the subtle!

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