Clean stains on wood

Stains of…

If water is spilled on an unpainted wooden surface, it is best to dry the surface as soon as possible. Once it is very dry, we will remove the stain that could have been produced by applying on the affected area a cream metal cleaner. We will always apply the product following the sense of the grain.

Before a spot of grease we must act as quickly as if it penetrates on wood would leave a stain dark and permanent. So, the first thing we will do will be remove excess fat using absorbent paper or dishcloth. Then, we will attack the superficial part of the stain with vinegar, and we will finish the process wiping the remaining grease with a cloth, which we will moisten in a solution that we will obtain by mixing in equal parts warm water and vinegar.

Alcohol causes a series of white spots in the waxed wood. To remedy the damage, dry the stained part thoroughly and then we will rub vigorously with the wax that we use regularly. If the stain still persists, we have left the cream metal cream remedy applied in the vein direction.

If it is heat it is responsible for the stain on the wood, for not having taken the precaution of having placed a placemat under some very hot container, the metal cleaner can save us again, but we offer you a natural solution: mix vegetable oil and salt and spread the resulting paste over the area. Let dry for a few hours and then give wax.

Video: Removing white water rings and heat stains from wood furniture. THE ULTIMATE GUIDE. NEW VERSION (February 2020).

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