Echinocereus gentryi

Origin: Mexico, desert areas

Light: Direct sun

Ideal temperature: 16-21 ° C

Minimum temperature: 3-6 ° C

Irrigation: pc. little bit; P.S. let dry surface layer between waterings.

Fertilization: pc. each month; P.S. every 3 months.

He echinocereus it's a cactus It has tubular stems covered by abundant spikes, which tend to arch giving the whole plant an elegant bearing. This cactus tends to branch abundantly, creating a dense bush full of arched stems. Being covered with thorns, its manipulation must be careful to avoid nailing its cumbersome thorns.

Like all cacti, the echinocereus is a cactus that it requires exhibitions as sunny as possible. The more light you have, the more compact your growth will be. As for the need for water, they are very drought resistant, so the irrigation will be done when the substrate has dried completely. In the period of growth, during the summer, we will add specific liquid fertilizer for cacti in the fortnightly irrigation water.

To enhance the flowering of echinocereus It is advisable to keep the root ball dry during the winter and keep it at a cool temperature, without falling below 10 ° C. Lack of water and freshness will induce spring flowering, and after this flowering we can take out the echinocereus to the terrace, to full sun exposure, so that you can spend the summer with abundant direct sun.

Video: My Echinocereus scheeri gentryi Cactus - The Cucumber Cactus in MAGNIFICENT Bloom (February 2020).

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