Garden design with tall and short grass

This time, we will analyze a beautiful garden that has been designed and created by combining tall grass and short grass. That is, using grass at different heights, an original and different garden design has been achieved.

For the creation of this garden, it is very important to properly maintain the lawn. Therefore, using the lawnmower, the grass must be cut regularly so that the areas of short grass remain dense and look good.

In the case of high grass areas, the possibilities are many. In our case we have used grasses, which thanks to the straw spikes, give a very decorative touch to the garden. In addition, these spikes contrast with the areas of short grass in an intense green color. In full development, these grasses can reach the meter or meter and a half high, making the contrast between tall and short grass more striking.

In this combination of tall and short grass ornamental plants such as Verbena Bonariensis have been included to add color to the meadow. In addition, this garden also has a small pond that reflects the green colors of the short grass and the straw colors of the grasses.

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