Why my dog ​​wallows on the floor

Does your dog love to rub on the grass? Do you love rubbing upside down on a bird or other dead animal? Does it roll over stool that is on the ground? If when you go with your dog for a walk or to the park you are surprised by these behaviors, calm because you are not the only owner to whom this happens. Behind these behaviors can hide several reasons, some simple and others instinctive, we talk about them!

My dog ​​wallows in grass

If your dog wallows on the grass in the field or in the park, just like on the sand on the beach, in the presence of other dogs It is usually a symbol of desire to play, also of security, it is a way to release energy. Sometimes it is simply a desire to scratch your back against some itching or in the case of grass a way to cool, especially when they dig the ground and rub inside. If you restrict yourself after having bathed it, you probably want to take off the smell of soap or cologne that we put on you because although we love it, they don't.

My dog ​​wallows in dead animals

It is part of his hunter instinct. When they see a dead animal and rub on it it is to catch its scent and thus camouflage before possible prey. It is also a sign to the pack that he has hunted, something that in the animal world is important. They are animal instincts that they maintain despite not putting them into practice to hunt or to be part of a pack.

My dog ​​wallows in feces

Oh no! One of the behaviors we least like dog owners is precisely this one. Therefore, we punish them by giving them a good bath to remove the smell, especially for hygiene if they live indoors. But why do they do it? As in the case of dead animals, the reason is also to impregnate odor and camouflage before dams. To keep the floors clean and avoid encountering feces in which our dog wallows it is important that each owner collects the excrements of his dog.

If you see that your dog is rubbing anxiously and repeatedly against the floor, the wall or other surfaces check that it has no skin problems or flea bites.

Video: Why Do Dogs Roll in the Grass? (February 2020).

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