Sphinx cat

Name: Cat breed Sphinx (Sphynx)
Category III (Shorthair, Somali and Sphinx Cats)
Size: Medium

Although the first copy of Sphinx or Sphynx cat born in Canada In 1966, this breed of "hairless cats" I was already known in the Aztec world, where it was venerated. Have been found representations dated to the Pre-Columbian era, in which felines appear physically similar those we know today as sphinx cats.

Sphynx is the result of a natural mutation produced following a recessive gene called Hr or Hereditary Alopecia (Congenital Hypotrichosis). Is a rare breed, because for new babies to be born, the parents they must be carriers of recessive gene That causes lack of hair.

The main feature of this cat is the lack of hair around your body, although it is true that you have a thin hairy film and soft to the touch. He usually has a small amount of hair on different parts of the body, such as the tail, ears and legs. The skin it is wrinkled in the head and in the area of ​​the anterior body.

his Body is robust and muscular, of average size and with a elongated profile. On the other hand, the body temperature It is taller than other cat breeds, so counter in a way the "cold effect" that can cause absence of a protective coat.

Owns some ears large, with a wide base, straight and separated; the eyes they are medium, lemon-shaped and green or yellow in color; the tail It is thin and elongated; finally his legs They are thin, strong and long.

It is a cat intelligent, affectionate and very playful. It is known as the "dog" of cats, as always will search the signs of affection of its owners and will love to be done pampering Y petting.

Is very Sociable, can not stand loneliness, which will come in search of company If you need it. It is also very active, we will rarely find him lying on a sofa or still. Not usually meow in excess.

Sphinx cat care

Refering to feeding, the diet we must provide must be healthy, balanced and high in protein (to regulate your body temperature). You love it eat and is very sweet, but you have to be careful about what we offer, because you can be harmful.

To keep your corporal hygiene healthy, we will have to brush him With a suede. May suffer a excess wax in the ears, with what is convenient clean them on a regular basis with some wipes. It is recommended bathe him weekly in summer, while in winter with doing it once a month would be enough. He shampoo that we use will have to be suitable for sensitive skin. Finally, you have to protect it from the sun when it looks strong, as they may suffer Burns.

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