How to raise birds

If we decide to raise birds we have to take into account several factors. When they are born it is very important that the young are with their parents, since these will give them food by mouth, passing them the necessary defenses and will protect them the first few days. All this is done in the nests, which have to have rabbit shavings. In this way, we will first get them to have the eggs inside the nests, and then the chicks will shelter inside and be fed by their parents.

Also, to get a link with small chicks, it is very important to feed them based on pap and accustom them to the hand. The porridge is created from a powder that mixes with water. He Water It has to boil and then let it cool, without getting cold. When it is warm it will be the ideal time to feed them, since if it is cold or hot, we can produce problems to the young.

He budding of the offspring is done during about 20 days, with 4 daily shots and it is gradually reduced. When the breeding is with about 3 daily shots, you can start introducing solid food and, little by little, it will be weaned. In this way, we will achieve that after 45-50 days the young is weanedbeing one wonderful companion pet.

Video: Raising Birdy - How to raise a baby bird. Cutest thing ever! (February 2020).

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