Donor dogs, manatees, braco rescue, agility and guide horses

Pet Cases of the week

Blood donor dogs
What do you think if there are we will give blood ... But to be a donor you must have a minimum weight of 20 kilos. It seems easy, but it is not so much if it is a dog. We talk about pet donors ... Their blood is needed for many patients who have anemias, hemorrhages, etc. And they need blood transfusions just like people ...

Manatees, marine mammals
We know dolphins, seals ... But there are some marine mammals almost unknown to most ... Seen from behind, in ancient times they were confused with mermaids. The face changes, and much. In effect, they are manatees.

Abandoned Dog Rescue
They have given us a new dog rescue notice. They are very sick and time is running against us. We do not know exactly where they are, but we do know that they will not endure much. The team is willing to do everything to save them.

Agility test training
To keep our dogs in shape, the best thing, apart from a balanced diet, let's not forget, is that they exercise ... Like agility, a discipline in which dogs and their owners enjoy themselves just as well ... And spectators , Clear.

Guide Horses for the Blind
We know a horse that had been attacked to bites leaving him serious injuries. Despite this he continued to compete in horse riding. Today it helps blind people to fulfill their dream of riding ...

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