Bufera, medicinal plant for stress or exhaustion

The Indian ginseng or bufera is typical of the dry regions of India and the Middle East. The plant is traditionally associated with the power and sexual energy of a stallion (its Indian name means “plant that smells like a horse.” Tonic of long tradition, recent research has discovered that its components have important anti-cancer effects.

Parts Used: Root and leaves

Main components: alkaloids, steroid lactones, saponins and iron

Actions: Tonic, nervous, sedative, adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor.

How to use it

  • Powder / capsules. Take 250mg - 1g of root powder or the equivalent weight in capsules 3 times a day as a tonic restorative in cases of overwork, exhaustion, sleep problems and weakness caused by sleeping sicknesses and weakness caused by chronic illnesses. . Regular use also helps slow the progression of degenerative diseases such as arthritis.
  • Fluid extract. Take 2-4ml (40-80 drops) in water 3 times a day as an energy tonic, fight insomnia, nourish the blood in cases of anemia and relieve stress or weakness.
  • Decoction. Take 1/2 - 1 cup of decoction made with 1 teaspoon of dried root and 120 ml of water or milk simmered for 15 minutes for stress or exhaustion.

If you want to grow it at home ...

Culture: It prefers dry and stony soils in full sun. Plant the seeds in spring and transplant them to pots when the size of the buds allows them to be manipulated. It can also be multiplied by cuttings of soft stem with heel in late spring. Its cultivation is very rare in the West.

Location: It is not likely to find it growing in wild conditions outside its native area.

Harvest: The leaves are collected in spring and the root is plucked in autumn.

Warning! Avoid during pregnancy

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