Complaints from readers: a paste of miso soup

Mar and Blanca do not know each other yet, but both have achieved the same result by making miso soup with noodles and mushrooms: “I have followed the recipe to the letter but I do not understand the result, it looks like a peanut soup,” he confesses Mar while Blanca relieves herself like this: “It tasted delicious but it came out with mashed texture. In the photo it was more liquid and dark. What have I done wrong?"

I have missed Mònica Escudero very much during his absence in this defense consultation, so much that I wanted to give him a little bit with my baton of punishment in his rentrée, but, once the recipe is made, I must direct the baton towards Mar y Blanca, Blanca and Mar.

Everything indicates that our readers read the recipe with the eyes possessed by Valerio Lazarov, shredding with joy everything they found on the countertop: leeks, onion, tofu, table linen, water jug, napkin rings and the neighbor That came for salt. The soup is moderately thick, but with pieces of vegetable and peanut clearly differentiated from the broth even crushing the Basque. It is also possible that they made a mess with the steps of the recipe and did not use all the broth, but only the one indicated for crushing. Before throwing in the towel I definitely leave you here a mantra: READ THE RECIPES CAREFULLY.

In the editorial Comidista this case of encuudil telepathy has taken a lot and we do not stop fantasizing about a First Dates of the things of eating with Blanca and Mar as protagonists. What miso has united, that does not separate the turmix.

Cold croquettes cake in three dishes

Pilar has invented the cold cake of croquettes in three firings: “We have had several failed attempts to prepare this fetish dish. The dough is quite creamy in addition to sabrosona. The problem comes at the time of breading and frying. With the last post of the croquette day we thought we had found the way, but this was the result. Enlighten us please, what have we failed? Do we have to freeze before frying? ”

My first recommendation is that you take off your mittens to play with the snow when you go bowling the croquettes. In the photo you attached - which is beautiful and I want a copy in pen cardboard for my bedroom - you can see a degraded artistic that goes from the roasted croquette to the crudité and makes me think that you have a serious problem with the frying, in addition to mass. Well, you have a serious problem in general.

That dough of bechamel with raincoat speaks of a dough that has not cooled sufficiently and, when fried, has gone crazy and made you the pedrereta. The dough should be refrigerated -ACHTUNG, not frozen- for several hours or a whole day so that it has an adequate consistency that allows it to form and resist the boiling oil bath.

It is also guessed that you have had a quilombo with the frying and that you have thrown the croquettes as God has given you to understand - some with the butt oil, others rather temperate - regardless of the temperature, which must be constant and in around 175º to ensure a decent crust that contains the béchamel and a uniform frying of all batches. Because, Pilar, the croquettes are fried in batches of a few units each, otherwise you will get a cold cake of croquettes in three cooks like yours.

Our reader has not been able to avoid including a postscript: “Mikel, I dreamed that you invited us to your birthday party at the most famous wedding site in our town. I don't remember the menu, but at the exit we made Indian lines and handed out sweets. ” Excited, the candy man responds like this: "It always makes me excited that readers have wet fantasies with me, but Pilar, your dream has fascinated me. I do not rule out that it is an omen: when my star declines and I become the Alonso Caparrós of gastronomy, I see myself celebrating my birthday in shabby road-clubs and distributing pastis like Willy Wonka of the drug. "

Inactive coca

María Teresa followed the recipe for violet coca of olives and anchovies to the letter and wonders what could go wrong: “I mixed the ingredients and every 15 minutes I returned to Paca and I returned to Palla with the dough and then to the refrigerator until today. Spread the dough as indicated by the recipe, I put the tomatillos and onion, and baked. At 10 minutes it has not gone up. I think nothing happens and under the oven. 10 more minutes and the coca remains the same. Just in case, I leave it 5 more minutes. Nothing. A shoe sole that must be thrown away. What could I have been wrong about? ”

María Teresa, consulting with Ibán Yarza, gives me in the nose that you passed crappy material in the yeast shop or live in an igloo. Our head baker tries to discover what could happen: “The dough may have been too cold (a bread dough lives happily where the man lives happily, ideally in the Canary Islands at 24º, but at a house temperature above 20º ferments without problems) . Having checked the temperature of the dough, the gaze can only fall on the yeast: was it in order and within the date? Was it very heavy? ”

If none of the above answers satisfies María Teresa, Fourth Millennium may have the keys to her shoemaker: “Of the countless times when I made bread only once the yeast failed me,” says Yarza. “I bought a yeast in an envelope in the supermarket that was within the date of use. I made several breads, none fermented an apex. I had never seen anything like it or seen it again. ”

A disproportionate hummus

Ana María asks us to fix what she considers a messy and messy leg: “Is the proportion of 250g of chickpeas correct for 270g of tahine? I got a paste between the cement and the glue. Could you confirm the correct amount and fix it in the video? ”

Before fixing anything, I went to the source of the videorecer, the book Jerusalem, by Yotam Ottolenghi. Already in the first line, the author tells that the recipe carries a good amount of tahina, and the measurements coincide exactly with the video in question. Embedded in my freshly ironed Solomon costume, I put some defending wisdom on this matter.

Ana María, distracted by Isabel Pantoja's return to the stage, did not notice that dry chickpeas are used in the video and weighed 250 grams of cooked chickpeas. It is possible that in his relaxation he stayed with the vision of the cooked chickpeas crushing while the list of ingredients is overprinted, in which it is not specified whether they are cooked or dried.

So that no stunned reader does Aguaplast of chickpeas again, I am forced to leave a footnote of the video clarifying the matter. And as I love you as if you were my own children, I will add in my gloss the right amount of cooked chickpeas -600 grams- for when the galbana invades you and you use pot chickpeas, pigeon peas.

Video: Deuki Hong & Matt Rodbard: "Koreatown". Talks at Google (February 2020).

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