La Balmesina, much more than pizza

Buf, another pizzeria.

It is not just a pizzeria, although they make great idems. In La Balmesina, in Barcelona, ​​they also have other typical Italian dishes, some more purist than others: some very good antipasti, fresh pasta -which and stuffed-, porchetta, fish ...

Surely the owners, a lot "Save Che Luna, Save Che Mare”To flirt and sell pizza but then they are from Badalona, ​​as far away.

You don't give one, for a change. This restaurant is son -ideological- of Max Morbi, Alessandro Zangrossi and Mattia Ciresola, three really good Italians - from Verona and Pádua - who officiate respectively in the masses, the room and the kitchen.

Well, tell me about those masses. I like pizza.

Do you like it now? Anyway. In La Balmesina they make three different types, all with sourdough and no added yeast. They work with fermentations that go between more than 72 hours of the Tonda - wheat or spelled, the classic thin and crispy pizza but with a tasty and aromatic dough - and 100 of the Pala, a format to share (it is requested by halves) with a thick but very light dough, crispy and with a honeycomb in which the angels could sleep.

You are getting cheesy.

I better not tell you how I am getting in case there are children reading. The fact is that these doughs are put on seasonal ingredients, light and in the perfect cooking point. One of my favorites is Porchetta Mía, with roasted pork, arugula cream and pecorino, a typical sheep cheese from Sardegna. I also like Baggio very much - with tomato, buffalo mozzarella, dried tomatoes, artichokes and parmesan; and with the Zucca I applauded until I dropped my hands to change the classic tomato base for a roasted pumpkin cream (on which wild mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and an absolutely insane burrata rest). And so up to 19 different, so you don't get bored.

And then what? To do digestion as a boa constrictor?

A very interesting extra of La Balmesina pizzas is that they are not heavy, they feel super good and do not repeat even if you have the pitimini stomach.

Well, what if I don't want pizza?

But we hadn't agreed that you liked them?

But now I don't feel like it, what's up?

Daughter, there is no one who understands you. Well, you can start with a burrata cream with pesto and crostini -made by them, of course-: nothing invites you to start a meal like this buttery cheese on crusty bread. Or baked artichokes, with the nailed cooking point and a very soft pesto of capers, olives and parsley: to suck your fingers.

Its eggplant parmigiana is also highly recommended: instead of being fried and with layers of dense cheese in between, this version is light, with crispy fresh cherry tomatoes, a touch of basil oil and ... more burrata. If you fancy something of the sea, try the cod with mushrooms and creamy polenta or its fried squid, artichokes and prawns: they are served with a sweet and sour mustard sauce and a bottom of fish.

Let down of anti and we go to the pasti.

Festival of humor, huh? Well look, you're in luck because it's also homemade. They have different formats: my favorites are Plin agnolotti, stuffed with veal and pork and watered with a delicious and deep sauce, based on sage, butter and a very small meat broth. They are a real flavor bomb, just like scialatelli with squid, cherry tomato and coffee powder, whose roast puts the mollusk in another dimension.

More normal things do not have?

Yes, sosains. They have some spaghetti a la chitarra with lamb ragout - canonical as if I had made them the mamma- that take away the meaning. They also always have seasonal dishes: right now, tagilatelle with wild mushrooms.

How heavy with the season, if there is now all year.

Well, in La Balmesina they follow it at great length, that's why they offer such tasty dishes at more than correct prices. The last time I went they served me a cream of black trumpets with egg at low temperature, speck - Italian shrimp - and croutons that still have my papillae dancing the tarantella.

That sounds very fine, surely you have to mortgage to pay for dinner.

Well indeed and no. You can dine the sea well for about 20-25 euros, and at noon they have a menu of 11.90 with option of first and second course -very varied, with creams of vegetables, pasta, meat, fish and vegetarian options- or some of The pizzas of the letter.

That will be without drinking anything.

They have natural wines from here and there - from Italy, I mean - at very reasonable prices. I don't know why, but those who have bubbles fit in with their food, I suppose that the fact that Max likes them also makes the bubble spread easily to me.

And for dessert?

After pizza arrives to me with a ristretto, but you can jump into canonical cowboyism with its tiramisu, or be a little more alternative and order a lime pannacotta with figs and nuts or some lusty chocolate truffles with coconut foam and raspberry.

I think I'll order one of each.
You do well: somehow you have to compensate for that bitterness you bring.

The Balmesina Carrer de Balmes, 193. Barcelona. Telephone: 934 156 224

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